LexisNexis Reference Type

I know one cannot directly export a citation from LexisNexis to EndNote. My question, though, has to do with the Reference Type options in EndNote. For a court case in LexisNexis that has all of the headnotes, briefs, etc., what reference type is a LexisNexis document? It is more than the “case” type, I believe.

Likely one of the best options to use here is going to be to customize the Case type to better meet your needs.

There are several unused “Custom Field” options for the Case type, which should allow you to create your own fields for Cases.

Specifically, if you follow these steps…

1)  Go into EndNote

2)  Go into the Edit menu (the EndNote menu on the Mac)

3)  Click Preferences

4)  Click Reference Types, along the left hand side.

Here, you’ll find an option to Modify the reference types.

5)  Click the Modify Reference Types button here.

6)  A column view of the Generic fields, and their reference type specific labels should appear.  At the top of this window, should be a drop-down menu indicating which Reference Type is currently shown.

7)  Change the active reference type to the Case type.

You’ll see the field labels for the Case type lined up along the right.  Any box without a field label is effectively a field available for use with the Case type by simply providing a field name.

As a precaution, make sure you don’t use Author, or Date/Year fields for anything but authors and/or date information.

Otherwise, any of the other available fields should be usable to record record information.

I do hope this helps.