Libraries versus Groups

Hi all –

I am a new PhD student beginning to utilize EndNote for my work. Can someone briefly state the advantages/disadvantages of libraries versus groups in terms of working on multiple projects? I’d love some real-world insight before I go too far down the wrong path. Thanks.


In my opinion, I use one library and groups to organize topics and the articles/books cited in a paper.  I use smart groups to automatically create some, and manual construction for others (some by copying from Smart groups to normal groups).  

You only need one copy of each source, you don’t have to dupiicate a record, as you do for multiple libraries.  If there is an error, or update, you don’t have to update multiple versions of the record – it can live in multiple groups but there is still only one copy of it and -if you use Endnote’s intrinsic filing system, only one copy of the associated PDFs.  You don’t have to remember which libraray a source is in.  they are all in “your” library!  

Others may disagree.