Library crashed

Lately I experienced several library crashes. Mostly, I could recover the library, sometimes not. Pretty annoying.

I have the impression that synchronizing the libraries to the web is a not really stable. Today I could not sort the library and got the error message that the library is currently used by another user. That’s strange, as the library is saved only locally and nobody else has access.

Any similar experiences?

Where are you keeping the library?  – I have had people have trouple if on Dropbox or google drive.  

A year or so ago, when my computer crashed- my library got corrupted, I had to recover the .DATA folder from a backup.  

I keep my library on a local drive.

My felling is that the syncinc and sharing with EndnoteWeb causes some probelems.

Dear vstein,

If you are still having problems with the library, you are welcome to give us a call here at Technical Support. Please call 1-800-336-4474, option 4.


I could recover the library; however it happend lately several times. I am afraid that syncing causes some of the problem.