I greatly prefer LibreOffice over MS Office 14 (have both, only use MS Office for Outlook). The OpenOffice CWYW plugin works with 32-bit LibreOffice but can be temperamental to get to work. Any chance of an update to this to make installation a bit smoother PLUS development of a 64-bit plugin to go with the new 64-bit LibreOffice?

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I emailed customer support and they recommended I post my emails on here, so

It will be of great help if EndNote online Cite While You Write toolbar could be compatible with OpenOffice. Most of people at my University use OpenOffice and are leaving EndNote Online for Mendeley, because this one is compatible with OpenOffice

Please, I strongly suggest you to make it compatible


I too believe expanding to include OpenOffice compatibility would be beneficial to the Endnote community!  Who else votes for this?  

Yes please

Yes please.