EndNote and Libre

I would like to request that Clarivae consider broadening EndNote’s applicability to word processes other than Microsoft Word. Like many in the world today, I am moving away from monopolistic centralised companies. I like EndNote for a variety of reasons, but fear that I will have to choose a more flexible reference manager if I am going to step outside a single word processing provider.

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Dear ThomasS,

It is interesting to post such a suggestion  at this time. However many users and I posted a lot of answers e.g. messages about various versions of EndNote and Libre Office or Apache Open Office (see TRENSOFTY/ Leanne over many years (p.e. 2017, 2018 a.s.o.).

At first you must post if you are working with Windows 10  or Mac PC and if the PC has  a 32 Bit or 64 Bit architecture


Why :

PC with 32 Bit

the  Libre Office and Open Office  versions worked and work problemless.

PC with 64 Bit:

EndNote X16,X7 and later  EN 20 are not compatible with the 64 Bit Libre Office version.

With a PC with 64 Bit and the new Apache Open Office 4.1.8  (64 Bit versions) and Libre Office,  ONLY the EN 20 extension will be installed  and seen on Apache OpenOffice.

If you want to have the extension on Libre Office 7.x.x.x., you must download the 32 Bit Libre Office 7.x.x.x. and you must install it on your PC with 64 Bit. The installation occurs problemless  and the L.O. 7   64 Bit will be desinstalled

After a new start you can see the 2 extensions (see joined picture).

The  EN 20 extensions are working very well  at this time.

If you need any infos please contact me  via EN community.

Please note that the Apache Open Office new version  4.19  works very well with endnote 20 extension after downloading and installation. The extension EN20 occurs self -acting during the installation of Open Office 4.19