License Question and Upgrade Questions

Hi Folks:

I am considering buying Endnote and I have two questions:

  1. Does the software allow me to install it on two computers (my windows desktop and laptop. Only one would ever be in use at a time).

  2. I see there is a beta program going on for Endnote.  Is there a policy regarding upgrades if the new version of Endnote is released soon after I purchase Endnote?

Thanks for any help.


So does anyone know if Endnote for Windows can be installed on both my laptop and desktop (or do I have to purchase x2 licenses?)?

Anyone know the upgrade policy if a new version is released soon after someone purchases a version?

For EndNote version X2, the user license agreement allows you to install your copy of EndNote on up to 3 computers for your personal use. This is designed to cover, for example, office, home, and laptop machines.

You typically have a 60 day grace period after purchase to get a complimentary upgrade to a new version. But this may vary by international distributor.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


Thanks for the information.