Limit on number of references for the Web of Science Create Citation Report (workaround)

Hi All,

I frequently user the References|Web of Science|Create Citation Report function to analyse the citation performance (and other metrics) in a reference libabrary for our research facility.  Unfortunately Endnote caps the number of references to about 120 (no idea why), which is of course very limiting when i want to analyse several years of references (>500).  In the past i’ve generated the report for each year, and then “glued” the data together in Excel to create a multiyear citation report…very laborious

Today i found a work around that seems to work for me:

  1. Create an Endnote style that only outputs the Assession number (i.e. the WoS number)
  2. Select my references
  3. Copy-formated-reference (via right click)
  4. Paste the string of WoS numbers  into the WoS Search (Document search - Web of Science Core Collection)
  5. Search… then select “analyze results” or “citation report”
  6. So far i’ve not hit a limit on the number of references (~500)

I hope this is as helpful to other as it is to me.  And my apolgies if this is a gumby-post that is already common knowledge.

Kind regards


PS:  i already use the same approach to creat DOI list for Scopus searches/analysis… b