Link Imported PDFs to Existing References


I recently did a bulk import of pdfs into EndNote.  Many of them were automatically sorted and relevant fields applied, however several dozen have come in as pdfs with no author or other information assigned to them.  BUT - the references for those items already exist (without pdfs) from when I had previously imported all the citations from relevant websites.  

So, is there any easy way to assign the ‘orphan’ pdfs to the correct existing citation?  Or should I just delete them out and re-attach one by one the old-fashioned way?


unfortunately, they still have not provided a way to combine these two (for example as an option in a duplicate search). 

I usually find it easier to copy the accession number or doi to the blank record with the PDF, update to complete the fields and delete the original record without the PDF. 

a pain, but slightly easier than finding the PDF and dragging it to the record for me.  

Excellent!  That definitely sounds better than doing it the long way.  I appreciate your help.