Linking book chapters to an edited source

I find that I often need to use multiple chapters from a single edited book, which means that I’m often capturing the same data repeatedly for separate sources. The software that I used before EndNote gave the option to enter the data once for an edited book. Whenever you were then adding a new reference that was a ‘book section’ reference type, the software then gave the option to link the new entry to the pre-existing set of data that had already been captured. This made it easier to capture several sources that were included in the same book, but that had varying authors, titles and page numbers but the same publisher, editor and so forth.

Yes, I just copy one that is already in in the library and paste it in and change the parts that need to be changes.  An automated way to do this would be nice though, so you could capture the edited book itself and then convert it to a book section for a chapter entry.  I just don’t have the need to do this very often though. 

Yeah, that’s the work-around that I would use as well. I think that the software I was using before had been designed from more of a humanities/social sciences perspective, and I’ve found that these fields tend to use multiple chapters from a single edited book more often (although I’m sure that there are people in other fields who have found the same about their research topics).