Linking citation to references section in Word and PDF

" Is it possible to link the in text citation to the reference in the references section so that when you click on the in text citation it takes you to the corresponding reference in the references list? Also, how do you keep this link when you convert to pdf? " from


Some papers you read have a really useful feature in that when you click on the short reference in the text body it will automatically take you to the end of the text at the right place in the bibliography.
This both in Word 2007 and Adobe pdf.

And i think i have seen the opposite somewhere as well whereby you click on an item in the reference list at the end and it takes you to (the first instance) of that reference in text (as there is possibility of one to many mappings here) …

This is something that we are currently working on an hope to have available in EndNote very soon.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

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