Linking MS word with another library


I had added the references in my manuscript through the endnote library which is somehow lost now. I made another new library and added the references now. My problem is I am unable to join my manuscript MS word with this new library. Note* I still have references in my word file from the library I lost. 

Could anyone help me with this?

Endnote should be able to cope and you could have saved/exported the cited records from the word document to your library. 

If the new library is open, endnote will do fine, combining any new citations.  I actually use the Accession number field instead of record number, and it should find the appropriate record (next time). (see image for the setting in preferences)

If you want to relink the old inserted citations to the new library, make a copy of the document, convert to unformatted citations (NOT PLAIN) and then update bibliography.  It should find the unique or at worst, a couple, matches as you go thru the document too confirm.