Linking rcords; Groups display field

I have 2 suggestions:

1    I would like to be able to link records within an EN library to one another.  For instance, one record may be a review of another, or cite another, or be closely related, etc.  What I have been doing is putting in tags with the record number I want the current record to be linked to prefixed by # in the Notes field.  So at the moment this is simply a mental note, and I still have to manually navigate to the indicated record.  What would be nice is for the #RecNo tag (or similar mechanism)
to form a link that would directly take me to the indicated record. 

2    It would be nice for there to be a display field in the main (reference) pane to would indicate what group(s) the currently selected record belongs to. 

i am with you on the second request. this is something i have wanted for a long time too.

I help many users with systematic reviews. references are reviewed independantly and have to be checked.

I tell them to drag them to groups with certain exclusion criteria.

when comparing they want to review what their decision was, so, in what group did i place this reference.

is impossible now