Linking Term list (series of books) to correct field in Book reference

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I have endnote 19 windows

I am using the reference type “Book”

I have created a new term list called “Book series” meaning the series a book belongs to where applicable. I have added the first term entry “Routledge Language Workshop”

My query is about linking. When I look in the fields for “Book” there is a field “Series Volume” which I thought meant book series so I linked to it. But I cannot activate the term entry. Puzzlingly in the term list the left hand grey entry name is “Number” but it is in the correct sequence which corresponds (I think) to where Series volume label is in the book reference page. That is it is after “Number of olumes” and before “Pages”

Please help

I hope you are all staying safe with COVID-19 and warm regards from Sydney Australia/gary

All sounds good. The generic Number field maps to Series Volume. You can check this in the Edit menu > Preferences > References Types. Change to Book to see how the fields are mapped to the Generic filed labels. In the Linking Fields with Term Lists dialogue map the generic Number to your new Term List. This will only help in the initial enering of text and does not map abbreviations as in the Journal Name term list.

Dear Deerhurst

Thanks for the diagnostic suggestion using Edit Preferences

I did that and found a serious weakness in Endnote

Endnote uses the same field called Secondary Title for both Journal for Journal reference, and Book reference

So that means I cannot have two term lists pointing to the same field

Thanks again for your help - without which I would not found this design problem in Endnote. I hope you remain safe from COVID

Warm regards/gary