Locating EndNote Web Institutions

Is there a list anywhere of the institutions that provide access to EndNote Web or ISI?

I am disappointed that as an individual, I cannot use this feature…even though I have purchased EndNote X2. One of the benefits of X2 was supposed to be the nice integration it provides with EndNoteWeb, but it appears that you can only use EndNote Web if you happen to be a member of a subscribing organization. I was hoping to see which organizations do subscribe in case one that I belong to does and I am not aware of it or perhaps there is one locally that I could join. I am surprised that individuals cannot pay an extra fee to gain access to EndNote Web or ISI, especially if their local libraries or institutions do not happen to offer access.

Am I right in my understanding that this is not an option, and if so, will it be offered in the future?

The upcoming EndNote X2.01 update patch will include a free EndNote Web subscription for any/all EndNote X2 users. The patch will be available for download by the end of this month. After install, there will be simple options that walk you through signing up for the EndNote Web account and linking this with your EndNote application.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote / EndNote Web team


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Thank you so much! I am so glad to receive this news…you have convinced me that in choosing EndNote X2 over competing products, I made the right choice!