MAC - EndNote X9 - Delete term list


When I want to import a journal terms list on an existing library that already has references in it, I usually open the list, select all the terms (cmd+A) and click on “Delete term”. This is useful if you want a fresh start for this list.

It used to work on both PC and MAC. Since X9, this option only works on PC. Note that I can delete a single term at a time. See the attachments.

Also, I know that there is a workaround with deleting the list and recreating a new journal list.

I have seen this issue on multiple Mac computers since I train students with EndNote.

Thank you!


Edit: title

Selecting any more than one item greys out the delete button. The library doesn’t matter, running as admin doesn’t appear to change anything either. The behaviour shows in all of the term lists.

I have found that selecting an item from the “edit” menu does seem to work, but that feels rather backward.

I don’t have X9 installed on Windows so can’t check there.

Should I submit a ticket to Clarivate?

Can’t hurt  as a bug report? @gillian 

Has anyone resolved this issues with a work-around? I have same problem with X9 now has imported old term list and cannot update or delete old entries to update term list?