Access to old term lists in Endnote X5

Hi, everybody –

I’m sure that this is addressed somewhere, probably even in the Endnote help file, but I guess I just don’t know the right terminology.  I have term lists in my previous version of Endnote (x2) that I’d like to migrate/import/transfer/whatever-Endnote-calls-it to X5.

Can somebody either let me know what the right search term(s) might be to get to the instructions or let me know how to get the old term lists into x5?

Thanks a million!

Tools> Open (the appropriate) terms list.  Clean it out first if it has been populated,  and on the list tab, you can import the old terms list into the new one. 

If you have customised the term list in your EndNote X2, you will also need to export it first. If you haven’t added anything you can just import one of the many that come with your installation.

From the X5 help (hopefully not too much different):

To export a term list:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Define Term Lists. [You should be on the List tab]

  2. Highlight the term list that you want to export.

  3. Click Export List.

  4. Name and save the text file that will be created during the export.

  5. Click OK and the terms are exported to the text file and listed alphabetically, one term per line.

Thanks, Leanne!  Now I just have to find my old lists!

Thanks, Mary-Ann!  That’s why I couldn’t find my author list!

I just love it when a forum works the way it’s supposed to.

Thanks again!