Mac Os x6 - Formatted view in database missing? & slow slow slow

First, I love Endnote and recommend it to all my students, so I’m not just being snarky here.  

I have recently upgraded to X6 (Mac Os) and have two issues:

  1. Endnote X6 is very slow with any action, whether it’s adding a new reference (typing lag of a few seconds) and especially in formatting blbliograhpies in Word (Office for Mac 2011).  Even with a new word document and one reference it frequently takes a very long time or hangs all together so I have to cancel.  I checked to make sure it’s not in mark-up, etc.  I changed the preferences and unchecked the autoformat.  When it’s trying to add the bibliography, Word uses 99.6% of the CPU in disk activity.  Word is a hog, but this is something related to what’s ahppending with Endnote
  2. X5 had a window that allowed the user to toggle between a search window and a view of the formatted citation.  I have looked everywhere, but can’t find a way to see the formatted citation short of cutting and pasting it somewhere else (not very handy).  I used that feature frequently to check both formatting and content.



In regard to your first item about sluggish behavior, this sounds like you may have OS 10.8.2 installed on your computer. There is a known bug in Apple’s Operating System update that can cause this behavior in several software products including ours. For more information and a workaround, please see this article:

EndNote X6 was redesigned to provide additional display options. The Search pane was moved to the top of the library screen. You can toggle the display of it using the magnifying glass icon, clicking Tools > Search Library or Command + F. The Preview Pane can be viewed at the bottom of the library or to the right. If you look at the bottom right-hand side of the library, you will see various viewing options. The icons on the right will show, References Only, Bottom-Split or Right-Split. Once you pick Bottom Split or Right-Split, you can choose to display All Panels, to make the Preview Panel not visible or to make the PDF Panel not visible. If you mouse over the icons, you will see the Screen Tip indicating what the buttons do. It may be necessary to resize the panes in order to see the complete view you need.

Jason Berman
Technical Sup Rep RS

Thomson Reuters

Phone: +1 800-336-4474

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the info above.  It is indeed easy to change the view of different preview panes, but what is missing is the actual preview of formatted text (as has been available in previous versions of EndNote forever).  Now, the only way I can cut and paste the summary text is to use the right-click menu for ‘copy formatted’ and then paste into a document.  Not cool.  Am I missing anything?

Thanks for any assistance-


Three tabs in the layout, at least in windows?  – Reference, preview, PDF.  the Preview tab shows the formated result of the output style selected in Endnote. 

The formatted “Preview” pane is indeed included in EndNote version X6 for Macintosh - as shown in the attached screen shot - highlighted in red.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

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Jason- you rock.  Thanks a lot for the screen shot!  I couldn’t have figured it out otherwise.

Much appreciated-


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I select View All Panes and the Right Split option, but still no Preview Panel (screen shot attached).  I’ve tried everything i know and have read the guide, but must have some setting wrong.  I’ve used Endnote for twenty years and this one’s thrown me.  (Just installed Endnote X.6 on Mac OSX.7.5)

Thanks in anticipation.


You aren’t showing the top of the window in your screen shot.  see this view (albeit from the windows version)

Good morning!

Actually, that works a bit differently on Mac than on Windows, so you wouldn’t have the tabs Leanne is showing. Instead, see attached… it looks like you may have gotten the preview window dragged all the way down. Please grab the line I’m pointing to and drag it upwards.

ooops! sorry.

No worries, Leanne! We’re grateful for all you do! :catvery-happy:

Thankyou.  That was what I needed.

Much appreciated.