32 bit ot 64 bit Mac OS update v9.3

I’ve used EndNote for nearly a decade and quite frankly I think I’m close to the end now. Just to clarify: the message about updating v9 to a the v9.3 64 bit version of EndNote suggests that the 32 bit version needs to be installed first. This is fine for existing MacOS installations yet to update to the new MacOS. But what about new Macs sold in October? Which will have the newer OS installed as new? Does the current OS [Mojave] need to be running in order to update EndNote from 32 bit to 64 bit?  If the answer is yes to that than adios EndNote. And it is a big shift migrating and not a decision I take lightly. But your tardiness over the past three years is appalling considering the amount of GBP and many others have spent on your product over the years. Which is now seriously lacking behind the curve. 

As you may be aware, Apple has released macOS Catalina. Apple has made the decision to drop all 32-bit application support with this release, which will impact EndNote
You can read more at Apple’s knowledge base article here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436
EndNote X9 for macOS Customers
EndNote X9 for macOS has been updated for compatibility with Catalina. If you already have EndNote X9, please install all updates as they become available to avoid interruption in your workflow. You can access the updates here.

However, if you have already upgraded to Catalina OS before updating your EndNote program to EndNote X9.3.1, the EndNote app will be disabled in the Applications folder. To fix this, you would need to reinstall the EndNote X9 version with the latest update (EndNote X9.3.1).

You can download the EndNote X9.3.1 updated installer file from here

Once downloaded, double click the installer file to proceed with installation. During installation, click OK when asked to overwrite the existing application.

For Single User Licenses: You will need to enter the EndNote X9 Product Key to complete the installation.

Note: If you are part of a site license, please check your university or company web site to update to EndNote X9.3.1.

EndNote X8 and earlier for macOS Users
Since Apple has made the decision to drop all 32-bit application support, we expect that macOS 10.15 Catalina will not run EndNote X8 and earlier. However, we want to continue to support you. We recommend contacting Product Support or Sales for details.

Sales by Phone: 1-800-722-1227 or via the web

  • If you’d prefer not to upgrade to EndNote X9, you may keep working on your current macOS. We do not recommend upgrading to Catalina with EndNote X8 and earlier as we expect major compatibility issues.


If I don’t have EndNote X9, can I keep using my existing version?

Yes, you may continue using your older version of EndNote with macOS Mojave or earlier. However, if you upgrade to macOS Catalina, your older version of EndNote is not going to work.


If I have EndNote X9, how will I know if it’s ok to upgrade to macOS Catalina?

EndNote X9 for macOS has been updated for compatibility with Catalina. The new version will be called EndNote X9.3.1. Once you have installed X9.3.1 you can upgrade to macOS Catalina.

To check what version of EndNote X9 you have installed, please launch EndNote and then click on the EndNote menu on the top right. A Catalina-ready version of EndNote will read “About EndNote X9.3.1” If X9.2 or any other version of EndNote is listed here, it will not be compatible with Catalina.

In addition, macOS Catalina will warn you during installation about applications that are not compatible with their new restrictions. If EndNote is listed here, it will not work. We recommend cancelling the installation at that point and rolling back to your previous operating system.

Great! Looking forward to that. Is there a beta testing program? I have beta tested many previous versions of EndNote in the past. Thanks.

Note to admins: trying to post a message here before signing in goes to the main page and the message is lost. Really frustrating. I have reported that before. Besides, you usually log in forums, but in this case the top-right “login” does nothing and is misleading, since you must click the left “Sign In” instead. That is confusing.

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I did something stupid I guess by looking for updates for Endnote in Mojava. It did not find any and then installed Catalina, despite the message that Endnote would not be running anymore. Now I downloaded the update manually but it can’t fnd endnote anymore. Is there a solution? Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my question.

Kind regards, Sebo

I am back doing grad work after one year away. Question for the forum, is this thing 50% fixed the last working version of endnote I recall was X7 (merely as it still spoke well with Office 32 bits). X8 had a few bugs, one of which was the in-famous "Library appears to be damage program freeze. After months of back and forth with tech support, they universally agreed that my Library (and subsequent rebuilt versions) were fine, and it just a… program bug…

Which makes it the most bug prone program since windows 95, and a poorely conceived one since Thomson Reuters was bought by Clarivate.

I got by using X8 as a… repository, with minimal Office use.

Nope these issues did not occur on Mac— but on the PC version. And yes, tech support agrees that 32 bits was a primary cuplrit for lots of X8 and so ressource issues, and several bugs…

And what is the point of 50% sales for something that does not work?

It honestly is as coherent an issue as the bugs infesting Endnote. Absolute consistency in poor implementation… Sorry to hear about you loosing messages, I also lost 3 right now.