maintain filename in import dialog box

I used Reference manager for several decades and am finally over to the much nicer faster Endnote.  However I see one feature from Reference Manager that I would like to have in Endnote.

I do a lot of importing of files from PubMed as I am writing papers and grants.  I know I can search the internet from Endnote and then choose copy to database.  I do it this way sometimes.  But also sometimes I am already in PubMed and I decide I want those references in my EndNote library.  I always write them to the same filename.  This saved time in Reference Manager because the dialog box retained the last filename used for import.  In EndNote I have to go find the file every time.  PLEASE add this feature to Endnote - it really would speed things up because it would be 2 clicks instead of click to import, click to find file, clicks to get to correct location and bring up file and click to finish import.