Improve file import function by automatically renaming


The latest version of Endnote (X7.7 build 9832) has improved the file import function (by which I mean to associate a pdf file already in your computer to a reference). However I found this is simply done by copying the pdf file to a designated directory, while the file name remains unchanged. This may cause difficulties in distinguishing one pdf from another if I opened more than one file of the imported pdf later using endnote since most of the pdf file are prenamed as numbers by downloading from the database.

Is it possible to improve the file import function by automatically renaming if we have the reference details (title, author, publishing time) there already (just like the way it does when using find full-text function).



Go to Edit -> Preferences and choose “PDF Handling”. Make sure you have selected one of the renaming options. I just checked and found that this was changed to “Don’t Rename” in my preferences even though I previously had it set to Author + Year + Title. So maybe the X7.7 update reset this preference.

Thank you ben, you solved my question.