Updating a reference database quicker


I’m trying to update an EndNote database which is pretty large. That’s why I’m trying to find a way to avoid lots of returning operations. This created the following two questions.

  1. I have a bunch of files which all have filenames which contain parts of information to be imported in EndNote (i.e. some filenames already contain the author and year of publication). I was wondering if there is a way to import a the files with the same filename structure at once, so that the author and year of publication and the link to pdf will be imported directly.

I.e. if I have 50 files like “author_(year of publication).pdf” in the map education/articles, I want to import them in my EndNote library so that the author and year of publication are directly inserted in the right fields, and that the reference is linked to “education/articles/author_(year of publication).pdf”.

  1. After I have importes all references and all references have the right information and link, I would like to make the filenames standardized, by renaming the filenames to “author_year of publication_title of publication.pdf”.

I hope anyone knows how to do this.

Thanks anyway.


Endnote doesn’t have a function to import data from file names. It imports text file based on the definition in filter files.

Also, I don’t recommend naming your file with article title, because there is a limit about the number of characters used for file names (256? for Win OS, and Mac?).

And folder names are included in the character count for file name limitations, so if the folder is deep in a folder structure, this is an additional limitation.