Make EndNote able to do online collaboration writing projects - now! :)

In EndNote X7 you can copy-paste from EndNote to whatever word processor (local or online) you like in the unformatted format, {author, year #recordnumber}. If you right click a reference you can even choose copy formatted (and since you can edit output styles, the format can be whatever you like).

In EndNote Web you can not copy a reference, neither formatted or unformatted…

When EndNote Web (or is it named EndNote Online now?) inserts a reference into a Word document, its unformatted state is {author, year title}.

In EndNote X7 you can change the unformatted “recordnumber” to label, accession number or pages … but not title!

If you were able to copy references unformatted from EndNote Web in the default format {author year title} and EndNote X7 was able to copy unformatted in same, everybody would be happy and eg. 10 researchers could share a group of references (through EndNote Web) and it would not matter if they inserted a reference from their local EndNote X7 library (as long as the reference is in the shared group), or their EndNote Web (as long as the reference is in the shared group) into their Google Doc, Office 365, ZoHo Docs or whatever online word processor they choose (which they can write synchrounous into). Just share (reference group and online collaboration solution) and write! When finished writing, the chef just export document as rtf or odt (format paper in EndNote X7), or Word doc format (most online collaboration word processors have export for Word) and formats everything locally in their Word.

Please, please fix copy unformatted from EndNote Web, and please fix copy unformatted with title instead of record number from EndNote X7.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile: