Make Endnote X3 work with Word 2010!

Hi Endnote developers. I was amazed to discover in another part of the forum that there is no plan to update Endnote X3 to work with Word 2010 until version X4 of Endnote. Going from past experience, this could take another year and involve purchasing a new copy of Endnote - not good enough!

This is not good enough!  Time and time again Endnote has not been able to keep up with new versions of Word, users are forced into purchasing a whole new version just to maintain compatibility.

Word 2010 is now in general release, and has been feature-stable and available to developers for many months. There has been ample time to produce an update. Research institutes and Universities are upgrading now!

I also read a comment by one of the Endnote developers in another part of the forum stating that it’s “a Microsoft issue and not an Endnote issue”.  With attitudes like this in your team, no wonder everything takes so long! When Microsoft make updates, in whatever unfortunate and blundering way that they no doubt do, it should surely be the Endnote developers primary task to KEEP UP!?!?

So - feature request: please provide an update to Endnote X3 to make it work properly with Office 2010, soon!

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Maybe they won’t do that

Hamishib, I could not agree more. My university is migrating every computer to Windows 7 and Office 2010, and there is no Endnote X4 site licence (and I’m definitely not going to buy one, just because Endnote developers are so arrogant that they think Endnote dominates Word, instead of the other way around). As X3 does not work and I am in the process of having to finish a scientific book, I am searching for an alternative. Does someone know of an alternative citations manager (preferably free) that does work with Word 2010, and preferably can import Endnote library or exports from such libraries?

Yes, EndNote does have one of the worst upgrade policies and compatibilities I have seen of software. I have already upgraded EndNote at least three times in the past many years and each time it’s a hefty sum of money to pay for not a lot of new features and of which many continue to be buggy.