Endnote x3 is not compatible with office 2010 beta 2

The endnote x3 add-in component endnote cwyw.dll is not compatible with office 2010 beta 2, it make word 2010 crash

Somebody was talking about office 2009, and this time 2010 beta2 ?

Hopefully, it is compatible with beta 3 and onward.

As part of development of EndNote X4, we have been investigating this issue and feel that this is a Word issue - not an EndNote issue. We will mention this to Microsoft but it will be much more meaningful if they also hear about this from real customers. Posting something on their forums might be a start:


Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Seems like this is a good place to place your vote. 


or if it doesn’t work search word 2010 and endnote to get to the place were there is a post regarding endnote and acrobat.

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X3 can work with office 2010 beta if you copy the files such cww.dll to the START directory of office, as it will be auto-done for previous version office. You can use X3 as usual.

But there are really some compatible problems. When I insert figure caption, the word 2010 always gets cracked.  

Hi Lijsh, can you explain further which files need to be copied?

Also, Endnote developers: you really need to work harder than this! The Office 2010 beta has been aroudn for AGES, and you should be able to have an UPDATE (NOT a whole new paid release) ready to roll BEFORE a new version of Word is released!

Come on!

PS JasonR: it’s not a Microsoft problem, even if they’ve done something ‘wrong’. You are making a product for Word users, no matter what Microsoft does, YOU need to adapt!  And quickly!

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PPS, for anyone else who can’t wait, the Zotero plugin is working totally A-OK with word 2010


In general I am vehemently anti-Microsoft, but I can’t believe that TR is blaiming MS for TR’s plugin failing to perform. I just lost a lot of respect for this company. I’m off to shop for a bib software suite that will take responsibility for its product.

While i generally agree that a software company should continue to support their products for compatibility (not just wait for brand new version - which is pricey for MOST people), i also am fed up with Microsoft constantly changing their architecture - almost every version has been drastically different, even more so between Office 2007 and prior versions (the standard document format, for example, became a zipped xml file… this is why their extensions end in ‘x’, i.e., *.xlsx, *.docx, *.pptx, etc).

and if you have a good look around, most MICROSOFT products are INCOMPATIBLE with OTHER MICROSOFT products - even if released in the same year, or not too distant a time. case in point: any edition of internet explorer in windows vista failed spectacularly to comminucate in any useful fashion with outlook web access (which was an issue with server 2008, if i remember correctly, WHICH IS ALSO a microsoft product…)

so it’s not really TR fault (i don’t work for TR, i just bought Office 2010 and was looking for a solutionto EndnoteX3 compatibility, because i ALSO only got THAT recently too - just the beginning of this year, in fact).

for those who might be interested, many office users have stated that the cwyw.dll fix of previous versions has worked for them when using 2010 with X3. this process is documented in TR’s very own endnote website (though not specifically for pairing 2010 with X3, others have said it’s worked). i have not installed 2010 yet, but will post my success/failure with the method, described in the links below, once i tackle all that.

see specifically:


and for more reading:



all that being said, of course, the fix presented on TR’s own webpage seems to apply to most combinations of word/endnote, and the fix is very similar in most situations.

it occurred to me that it would be RIDICULOUSLY EASY to script a simple patch that people could download to apply these fixes - even the humble batch file could do this (i say ‘humble’, though the command prompt is actually extremely powerful and useful). TR wouldn’t even need to make a separate *.bat file for each combination, the file itself would test for the appropriate paths and apply the correct fix (copy/paste/register *.dll). an updated batch file would be all it takes to include newer versions of endnote/word as applicaple.

…should TR pay me to develop this patch? LOL

i find it incredulous that TR haven’t done something like this already, it would probably only take half a day at the very most for an experienced programmer. it would increase confidence in TR by its users (that a simple fix could be tried, rather than sifting through their website and trying to follow the, sometimes confusing, instructions). it would reduce frustration and remove the perception that TR is doing nothing about this (i know you guys just released X4, but that’s not a real solution - that’s just a new version that people have to pay for).

brand loyalty, like trust between two fellows, is not simply ‘there’ - it must be earnt and maintained to be retained. would it kill TR to put one programmer familiar with the command line on this issue? i assure it would not. they’ve probably got one keen nerd among the bunch who’s already got something like this to make their life easier with his/her friends…

it might not be TR’s problem (as opposed to not being Microsoft’s problem), but for TR to take the initiative and DO something about this would relieve endnote users, and make them even MORE loyal to using this product. it is no longer a niche market, so TR would be wise to attempt to retain market share with a very simple fix to an age-old problem.

sorry about the rant, i hate when problems, which COULD be easy to fix with a LITTLE investment of TIME, aren’t even looked at.

So, awiklendt (or anyone else out there), were you able to get Word 2010 to work with X3? Can you please tell us what you did?