Managing terms lists across two or more machines

Is there a good way to manage terms lists across machines? (Ideally, to sync them automatically) It seems the only way to get them across is by exporting and importing them manually, one list at a time (author, title, etc.). But I may be wrong.

If the lists are embedded in the Library, and the library is synced, won’t this mean that term lists are synced too? (Seems not to be the case though)


I thought they were part of the library, but I never noticed if they sync between computers… If I create a new library I have to import the journal terms to the new library?  If they don’t sync-- that is a bug.  

At present, EndNote does not synchronize term lists. The initial term list will be present when you synchronize to another computer, but not updates to the term list. This has been suggested as an Enhancement Request for the future development of EndNote. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will add your comments to the request.