Understanding Term Lists in Libraries

As background I have created some more Libraries in addition to my original because that is what EndNote recommends for managing references on different topics. IAt the beginning I exported and imported my Terms Lists (for Authors, Edition, JournalName, PlaceOfPublication, and Publisher from the original Library. Of course, I have now found that different Libraries have different (say) Publishers names they contain and I cant find a way to  just cross update so  each has the full set of entries.

Question 1: Where are the term lists in a Library so I know what to backup in my backups?

Question 2: Why cant I nominate a common term list so they remain in syc?

Warm regards/gary

I may be mistaken but when a new Endnote library is created the terms list is stored in the .DATA folder corresponding to the library. However, for users, accessing the terms list file should be done from the Endnote toolbar*.

You can export the terms list from each library and save each as a backup file copy. Since the exported terms list files are text files (.txt) you could also use a program like Microsoft Excel to combine the terms list from different libraries into one term list, sort the list, make changes, and remove duplicates. When completed, save the file as a text file, delete the existing term list of an Endnote library and import your consolidated/personalized term list.

So you could create, select, and use a single term list across libraries if you wish to do so.

*Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Tools >Open Terms Lists >Journal Terms List. Click on the “Lists” tab to access the options for importing, exporting, updating, etc. (Refer to attached image)             
terms list.jpg

and just to add, that terms lists are not transferred in any way shape or form during the sync process to my knowledge. I use terms list for Journal name and I don’t rely on any other terms list.