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I have been surprised that there is no style fo the use of archival documents. I have been using Endnote X2/Windword 2007/XP now for quite a while and have to submit my Ph.D. thesis in a few weeks. Because it is a thesis in history there are many citations from archives. I have tried for months to manually adapt the mansucript template to the needs of my thesis but it just wont work. There is always a comma on the wrong place or some word to much. The thesis has to be in Chicago Style.

I would need:

Title, Collection Title, Box, Folder, Page, Library/Archive, City.

As in:

Letter from J. H. van Horn to George C. Marshall, May 16, 1938, George C. Marshall Papers, Box 4, Folder Vancouver Barracks Correspondence, General, 1936-1938, May 8-16, 1938, George C. Marshall Library, Lexington, Virginia.

Often fields are not filled so they have to disappear. Also Endnote cuts archival citations short when they appear again even though it should not do so. There is nothing to prevent it, however, but at least the shortened version should make sense.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please attach your current style and a list of any modified or customized reference types and their field names. 

Thank you for your quick reply. My current version is copied below. It is about the 10th unsatisfactory modification:

Title, Date, Collection Title, Box Volume/Storage Container, Folder Folio Number, Library/Archive, City, Pages.

It appears as:

Letter from Walter B. Smith to Lucian K. Truscott, December 15, 1943, Walter B. Smith Papers, Box 27, Folder 201 File, 1942-1943, Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, Abilene, Kansas.,


Note the comma at the end. It always shows up even though Endnote is supposed to clean that up automatically. If the field for FOLDER is not filled it nevertheless shows up in the citation. Sometimes there is only a comma and no period, depending on which fields are filled.

I have more then 1000 footnotes so I could not find a short citation so quickly.


I appreciate your help.


if you “attach” the file that contains the style, we can look at the actual templates and see if we can get the punctuation to work with the link adjacent and forced separation stuff.  (“add attachment” when you are writing/replying to a message here)

Leanne, I greatly appreciate your quick reply. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you are talking about. I am just a dumb historian. :slight_smile:

Do you want a page of my thesis attached?

Thank you.

@jokanor wrote:

Leanne, I greatly appreciate your quick reply. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you are talking about. I am just a dumb historian. :slight_smile:

Do you want a page of my thesis attached?


Thank you.


When endnote using the APA5th style to format your footnotes and references, it uses a file called APA5th.ens which is located in a folder on your computer (possibly hidden, so first you need to find it, in order to attach it here) That is where the punctuation, order and fields are specified for the output into your reference list/footnotes and that is what someone trying to help you would need to adapt for your purposes.

What are you editing to adjust your footnotes?

What reference type are you using for your Archive records?

Have you looked at Ref Type Catalog for your purposes?

Once all that is know, then one would need to edit/create a Bibliography (or footnote?) “template” in the APA 5th.ens so it is correctly output.

You can also create a entirely new ref type for archives. Then you would still want to create the “template” to your output style correctly parsed the record information into the footnotes.

Once all that happens, 1000 footnotes will magically come out right! Historian’s aren’t dumb, in my experience! My son wants to become one!

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Leanne, thanks again for your quick reply. Good job with your son. :wink:

In accord with the manual I tried to rework the templates in EDIT/OUTPUT STYLES/ Chicago 15th A COPY/ FOOTNOTES/TEMPLATES and in BIBLIOGRAPHY/TEMPLATES. (Endnote X2 Manual, Chapter 16, p. 448ff)

Refernce type is as indicated in my initial post ‘manuscript’.

I havent looked in the Ref Type catalogue because I dont know what it is and because I have to use Chicago style for all my other footnotes anyway.

I put in a search for the filenames APA 5th.ens and APA15th.ens inclduing the hideen files but nothing came up.

I never thought it would be that complicated. I thought I would just need some help with the templates above. I nearly got it right there is just some kinks that have to be smoothed out. 

Off thread, the following email correspondance took place (edited). 


Jokanor wrote:


In the footnotes it is supposed to look like this:

  Letter from John Raaen to Phil Whitney, July 8, 1944, Norman D. Cota Papers, Box 1, Folder Personal File Correspondence 1944-1954 (2), p. 1, Dwight D. Eisenhower Library, Abilene, Kansas.


The short version is supposed to look like this:


Letter from John Raaen to Phil Whitney, July 8, 1944.


Unfilled fields should not show up. If there is no entry in ‘folder’ it should not show up in the footnote either. Note also that the spaces are for some reason incorrect. The current template is: Footnote Template (the lil circles are diamonds in the original menu).


Manuscript Title, Collection Title, Box Volume/Storage Container, Folder Folio Number, Pages, Library/Archive, City.


and I wrote back:


In the attached, carefully copy the manuscript template from the attached style, to replace yours in your style sheet  – I wonder though if you want the words “box” and “folder” output as a part of the reference.  they were there in your example, but are not there as a part of the “reference type” names for manuscript. 


In which case example 2 might be more to your liking?  The critical parts are the | (which is forced separation) which separate the info from the punctuation, and the “link-adjacent-text” symbols (the triangles in the examples), which have to be inserted from the “insert field” button in the template editor. 


You can open these, and endnote will save them to the appropriate location.  Then reformat the bibliography (or paper) and chose the new style.  (you may need to browse to be able to find it). 


and Jokanor wrote back that it worked!

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