Marking and unmarking some references in a library

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How can I mark/unmark some references in a long library by toggling a field as checked or unchecked?

I should select and mark relevant references in a library for a purpose of a systematic review, and save it. Is there any easy way out for this job without opening each reference?

I am thinking of a solution like going through the list of references using arrow keys and pressing a key (like space bar) for marking a reference and then move on to the next reference. So that at the end, marked references can be easily and visually distinguished from the others in a library.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


In current versions of Endnote, I would suggest dragging them to a group and then to use the edit facilty to add a mark or word to an unused field to the selected group. (tools>change/move fields)

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Thank you Leanne,

It is a good idea.

Current feature of selecting multiple records in a EndNote (Ctrl-Click in Windows) is very handy, but not suitable for a long library as by an accidental click of mouse without holding Ctrl key, you will lose all your selection. Adding a feature like checking the box of a record in PubMed, will rectify this problem, I believe.

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Yes, I know.  that is why I drag and drop rather than click, but I know this request is on their “to do” list.  :smiley: