Maximum ten authors in citations downloaded from Google Scholar?

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I am using Endnote X9.3.3 on a Mac and download citations from Google Scholar (“Import into EndNote”) using Safari. For some reason only up to 10 authors show up in Endnote, even if the actual list auf authors is longer.

This has not been an issue for me to date because most referencing styles only required listing of less than 10 authors in the reference list (e.g. 6 authors + “et al.”). However, I am now using a referencing style that requires the full list of authors. Do you have any recommendations how I can import the full list of authors into Endnote from Google Scholar (except manually typing in all authors)? Any help appreciated.

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To follow up on my previous post, my guess is that this may result from how Google Scholar scraps citation details off journal websites. Many journal websites by default show a limited number of authors and one has to click on expand to show the full list of authors. In these cases, I recommend exporting the citation from the journal website instead of from Google Scholar.

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