Search WoS for multiple authors at once?

Hi, is there a rapid way of searching for multiple authors (say 10 at a time) in Web of Science, so I can import all their references into Endnote as one job?  I need to import the work of over 100 authors.  Thanks!

Using Connect from Endnote?  – add each author and OR you can add up to 10 authors in a search.  If you are really confident, you can use the third mode and they will be imported into your library automatically, and this has the added benefit that, if you make sure your preferences are set correctly for duplicate handling (tick the “discard duplicates” in online search setting in preferences, duplicates), it will not import records already in your library (make a copy of your library first, just in case and turn off auto syncing so you can restore the original before it autosyncs). 

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