deduping database

Is there a way to remove duplicates that actually merges the two entries? I mean merge in two contexts, so can appreciate an ansswer in two parts:

1 to have the metadata of one be migrated into the metadata of the other, much like reference update function.

2 to have all references to the depreciated entry replaced by those to the kept entry. Current behaviro simply deletes one of the entries, removing all references to that entry (for instance, in reference groups.)

That’s been my problem too. Will be waiting for answers too.

EndNote does not currently have the ability to that type of deduplication.

If you would like to see this feature in a future version of EndNote, You may want to submit a request for a product enhancement on our website.

You mean request this

like here: 

and here: (circa X4)

or do a search to get the results of the threads where people have requested a similar feature here:


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