Merging multiple word files without merging their individual reference lists


I have compiled my thesis chapters individually with their own endnote references. I have 7 chapters, and now I want to compile them into a single word document. This step is doable for me.

But, I wish to keep the references chapter-wise appearing at the end of each chapter after the merger (not a huge single collection of references). Can anyone please suggest how can I accomplish this? Thanks in advance.

MS Word version (2016)

Endnote version (X7)

bests, Fahd

As long as the only time you use section breaks, is between chapters (no landscape pages for example), you would insert a section break after each chapter, and edit your  output style setting under Sections - to “create a bibliography for each section”  - if numbered you can continue numbering across sections.  See attached.  Some styles, like APA 6th (sections) shown in the attached, have this set already.