How do you make a separate bibliography for different chapters within the same document?


I am writing my thesis, and I have several different chapters within a single word document.  I would like to have a different bibliography for each chapter, and have each bibliography have independent numbering (i.e. each chapter’s bibliography starts at 1 instead of continuing the numbering from before).  Can someone help me figure out how to do this?




Well, considering that the bibliography will start a new numbering for each chapter, the case is really simple:  you have to format each chapter separatly before merging the word documents.

Consider leaving those apart (it is easy to manage the page numbering): if you need to print it, no problem ; if you need a final pdf, it is easy to merge the pdf into one single document (Acrobat pro or some freeware/shareware do it)


Hi Patrice,

Thanks for your reply.  I have thought of doing that, but I also have a table of contents, and that does not turn out properly if I make a separate document for each chapter.  Is there really no way to tell end note to make different bibliographies for different sections of the document?


I don’t think there is

In order to manage the table of content, you need to merge the word documents after having formated your endnote bibliographies. This should occur at the end of writing

It may cause some difficulties because the document is then heavy (Word freezing)

A tip could be removing the word field codes before merging word documents. Just take care about

  • text formating (I somtimes lost it)

  • working on a copy: it will not be possible to unformat the bibliography of a document where field codes were removed

Hey Rob,

I’m doing the same thing (writing thesis with multiple chapters) and was looking for a way to do the exact same thing.  I also have the table of contents that gets messy when you add chapters at a later time.  I’ll give you my solution to the problem, it takes a little time but leaves everything the way we want it in the end.

first i write my thesis how i want it, leaving space after the ‘reference’ section of each chapter.  then, when i’m ready I format my bibliography, which will change the appearance of the citations in the text and place the entire biblio at the end of the document.  I then deleted the entire biblio at the end.  I copied each individual chapter into it’s own word document, unformatted the biblio and then formatted it again giving me a biblio at the end of each of these separate documents.  i then copied only the biblio from these separate documents and pasted them in the reference section of each chapter in the thesis. 

This should work for any of the citations forms where you use author’s name and year instead of numbers.  However, if you use numbers for your citations it will require an extra copy and paste of the entire chapter and then you’ll probably lose the formatting as you’ve experienced.

I know that probably doesn’t help, it’d be much easier if endnote would recognize the number of users that are actually writing thesis/dissertations and made this change in their programing.

happy writting!


In relation to this thread, I always thought it would be nice if Endnote can add formatted bibliography at the place I want. Relocating field code [ADDIN EN. REFLIST] in Word makes it possible to change the location of bibliography, but unformatting and reformatting will discard the relocation track (Am I right?).

Also, as mentioned above, it’s nice to limit which part of the text should be formatted. These thesis/grants/reviews often cite more than 200 references, and that’s where Endnote works really well as a powerful tool. But, it still has some areas for improvement.

Bibliography is added always at the end of text in Endnote by default: I think that’s not been changed >10 years. Did I miss anything??

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Create a new section in word (Page layout tab> Page setup > Insert break > section break>

Tip: make sure the new section is on the same or next page by selecting the “same page or next page” section break …

This is a convenient way to get what you want, similar to what others already have suggested:

  1. Save each chapter to a new Word document.
  2. Format each document with Endnote, with the appropriate style.
  3. You will now have as many files as you have chapters, each with its own bibliography. Make sure that each bibliography is OK. If not, make the necessary amendments now, not later.
  4. Create a new Word document for the title page of your thesis, front matter, table of contents, acknowledgements, introduction, etc.
  5. At the very end of this new document, which eventually will contain your entire thesis, insert a section brake (next page).
  6. At the beginning of the new section, select: insert > object > text from file… , and choose your chapter one Word file. This will insert all the text from your chapter one file, including the bibliography, at this point.
  7. At the end of chapter one (i.e., the text you just inserted), insert a new section brake (next page).
  8. Repeat step 6 and 7 for all of your chapter files.
  9. You will now have your entire thesis in one document, each section containing one chapter, and all with separate bibliographies. You may now insert pagination, format headings, insert table of contents, etc., but don’t mess with the bibliographies!

After step 2, do you need to save each chapter without EndNote codes? From Word’s EN tab, Convert Citations and Bibliography/Convert to Plain Text.

There are now styles specific for bibliographies at the end of sections and ones specific for one bibliography at the end of the final thesis, which was not the case when this original thread was started.  So you need to use an output style consistent with your needs. 

I do strongly recommend that you unformat the chapters prior to combining, especially if the document has undergone migration in Word versions or in Endnote versions.   

(Long time Endnote user and Supervisor to many PhD students over the years!)  


i have an opposite problem! i saved my word with the reference list that i export from endnote, and when i reopened my document to continue my bibliography, it doesn’t want to continue from the last number anymore! it restart from number 1 and make a new reference list, i deleted and it didn’t work! does anyone could help me please?

Thank you! mays

You aren’t opening it in another word processor in the meantime, are you?  Always working in Word?  How are you inserting your citations?  describe your workflow.

Thank you so very much for your very helpful answer. I had been wondering if you had to do a section break after completing numbered endnote s on ,individual chapters I am working I complete them,but you don’t suggest that only when putting the document together,