Merging references

Dear Community,

I have the same problem, than the product suggestion post of 2008 I’ve found:

I have an uncomplete reference and would like to add some information via google scholar export. (in general .enw-File). If I Import it in endnote as a new reference of course I would need to change all citation in my wordfile. Is there a way to merge the old, existig file with the new enw-File?

Thanks a lot for your help!



Currently, there isn’t a process where you can use an online search to update an already existing reference.

There is a variant of that feature where you can select a reference (or references) in your list, and click the References menu, and “Find Reference Updates…”

This should attempt to find an updated version of the record, and provide you with a comparison of the record the software found vs. the record already in your library.  Here, you can choose to copy information across, populate just the empty fields, or completely replace the reference with the new information.

I do hope this helps.