merging terms in journal styles

Dear all,

For some reason I’ve got multiple entries for each journals in journal terms list, for instance:

The Journal of Physical Chemistry

Journal of Physical Chemistry

J. Phys. Chem.

and so on…

and I would like to ask if there was a way to save only the correct term in the list (with the abbreviation) and update the journal names in my current library (clearly without re-entering them manually). I use Endnote X7.

Many Thanks


Turn off the automatic update “feature” in preferences to prevent this from happing in the future.  Make sure that one entry has one of these in each (preferably correct) column in the terms list.  I use the last column if there was a non-standard entry from a database.  

Oh – forgot to say – you probably want to review the kb article on the best way to handle journal names – possibly starting from scratch and importing a fresh one.  I create a NEW Journal list attaching it to the correct field leaving my existing one intact but unattached, rather than deleting and importing the new one though.  Easier and if there are entries you want to preserve - they are still there to copy and paste.  Using this approach, you should not have to edit any of your existing records, as the terms list handling and output style settings controls the column used to create the bibliography.