Journal Names

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I am aware of this tutorial (Journal Names)

but it doesn’t really work for me :cry:

My Library is a mix of both imported and typed references but every Journal Term list I pick (my field of study is Geography/GIS/History) doesn’t solve the problem and I cannot get the full Journal Name in the formatted bibliography.

Is there a way to tell EndNote to simply use the field “Journal” in the database for the final format without using the method suggested in the tutorial?

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I use X3 version.

Sure, by editing the style and choosing the “don’t replace” option for Journal.  But if there isn’t a journals terms list (and you can delete yours) or the journal in the record isn’t in the journals terms list, it should do that anyway?  You can manually build your own terms list. 

You can turn off the “auto-updating” of term lists which is on by default and with journals can build a useless list.  Then the only thing that would in them, would be those you put there on purpose. 

Turning Off the Automatic Updating of Term Lists:

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.

  2. Select the Term Lists panel.

  3. Click the check boxes for “Update lists when importing or pasting references” and “Update lists during data entry” to remove the check mark. The feature will be turned off.

Also, see if this Queensland faqhelps more than the tutorial and they have some other journal lists that might be of help to you. (added Sept 21 2012-- unfortunately this original FAQ has disappeared and the new page has much less information on how to replace and protect the Journal Terms List.) 

Hi Leanne, thanks for replying.

I had done what you said (editing the style):


  1. Tools → Open Term Lists → Journal Term List …d elete all the terms
  2. Edit → Output Styles…select the style.
  3. Journal Names (options) " Don’t Replace"
  4. Save as… different name


It doesn’t seem to be working though. I still get the generic Journa in both the preview and the final format.

As far as building the term list, that is something I wanted to avoid (I should look for the abbreviation of all the Journal I used, shouldn’t I?) and simply using the “Journal” field in the DB.

I also turned of the the Automatic Updating of Term Lists but no luck!

Thanks for you final pointer but (and it might be my fault) it doesn’t seem to solve my problem.

Shouldn’t it be working with the solutions you provided?

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EDIT: I am sorry, I forgot to mention that I use the Journal of Historical Geography Style

And you changed your document to use tht specific changed style (thru the format bibliography menu)?  And your journal field in each record reflects what you want to see in the reference list? 

if so, you may need to pm me and we can arrange for you to email me  the style, a mini, enlx file and the manuscript to see if I can spot the problem. 

?the generic “jorna”?  I am not sure I understand what you mean there.

And you changed your document to use tht specific changed style (thru the format bibliography menu)? And your journal field in each record reflects what you want to see in the reference list?


Here is a screenshot of the correct output using the AAG style…

while this is what I am talking about (the wrong one) Journal of Historical Geography style

This is the style downloaded from the EndNote website

I think there is something wrong in the style itself…



Ah, yes, your screen-shots suggested the problem but the style confirmed it!  There is this little tiny typo masked by the | (“Forced separation” element).  The footnote template for journal says Journa with the | following it and not an “ell”  - so it is just writing “journa” and not the field Journal.  corrected in attached.  Either fix yours or use the attached and save it to a name of your choosing!     Having the style makes these little things so much easier to spot. 

J%20Historical%20Geography[1] Copy.ens (9.56 KB)

THANKS Leanne!..that made the trick! :wink:

I was getting crazy over this thing!

Thanks again,