Missing Endnote Toolbar from 2004 Mac

Endnote toolbar is missing from my 2004 Mac computer. I tried every information mentioned on EndNote website http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq1.asp#macENX1 but still toolbar is disappear from word. I reinstall the EndNote and the patch again but still the same. Please try to help with my question. Do I need to install Microsoft office patch?

Thank you.


What versions of EndNote, MS Word, and the Mac OS are you running?

EndNote version X4.0

Word 2004

I am not sure about the mac version. Sorry

I sent a e-mail to my patron asking which version she is using. I will get back to you as soon I hear from her. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi There,

version  is 10.6.8. Please help.

Thanks for the info. Outside of installing the patch it would seem there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with  EndNote, Word, and the OS.  Since your patron reported running through the “fix” FAQ list without being able to resolve the issue of the missing toolbar, suggest contacting tech support.

thank you for the information. We install latest MS-Office patch from Microsoft siteand added word to Preferences in Mac. Also updated XML converter.After that Endnote tool bar has appeared. It wasn’t EndNote error. I think she didn’t install MS- office into her Mac properly and it caused all the problem. Thank you so much for yor prompt reply.