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Further to my previous postings, I’ve now abandoned attempts to create an updating, useful bibliography using Endnote X2 and Pages and have gone back to X2 and Word 2004 on a Mac. Problem I am having now is that the toolbar refuses to appear. I have patched to 2.01, deleted the CWYW folder and run the customiser option, and done it manually. Although I can reference, there’s no toolbar and no Tools > Endnote menu. Suggestions gratefully received - am on a deadline!

If you go to Tools > Templates and Add-ins in Word, do you see any Endnote items in the “Global templates and Add-ins” list, not including any EndNote Web items?  If so, what are they?

I can see Endnote CWYW 2004 in the add-ins but no toolbar.

Hm.  There ought to be at least two items there, the EndNote CWYW Commands.dot, which is the file that makes the toolbar and commands appear, and the EndNote CWYW Word 2004 line item, which is what makes the tools work.  If either is missing, please go through the manual install steps again and make sure that both files are where they should be:

  • Close Microsoft Word.
  • Open your hard drive in the Finder and go to the Applications:EndNote X1/X2:Cite While You Write folder.
  • With EndNote X2.0.1 only, download the file here (http://endnote.com/support/faqs/Files/X201CWYW.zip), and place the contents of the zip file into the Cite While You Write folder.
  • There are two files you need, depending on your version of word. You need to create an Alias of the two files and place them in your Word startup folder.
  • Use the File>Make Alias command from the Finder to create aliases of these files based on your version of Word:

    EndNote Web.bundle (Word X and 2004)
    EndNote CWYW Word X (Word X) or
    EndNote CWYW Word 2004 (Word 2004)
  • Copy the alias files to the Word startup folder. Here are the default Word Startup locations which may be different on your computer:

    For Word X: "Microsoft Office X:Office:Startup:Word"
    For Word 2004: "Microsoft Office 2004:Office:Startup:Word"
  • Change the name of the alias files to have the same names as the original files. Normally, the word alias is appended to the name and should be removed.
  • Open EndNote and a library, then open Word, and the tools should load as expected.
  • Done all of those, still not working.

    Then I would suggest you give us a call at 800-336-4474 so we can take a more in-depth look at what might be going on.