Missing `Go to EndNote` etc. in toolbar

Hi everyone !

I am a user of the EndNote X7. I have the MS Word 2016 (Mac), but it failed to show the Go to EndNote, Edit & Manage Citation(s), Edit Library Reference(s), Categorize References and Instant Formatting is Off (Fig 1). But showing Go to EndNote Online in toolbar (Fig 2). I have reinstalled and checked all the settings, also installed EndNote X8, but it just do not appear. I guess there is something wrong with the plug-in or maybe it’s just not compatible with this version of Word.

I hope someone would help me on this one.

Thanks a lot!

You say you’re using Endnote X7 but did you update your software to Endnote version X7.5 (which is needed to be compatible with Word/Office 2016). Refer to the knowledge base article: http://endnote.com/kb/141439

From your pics it looks like your application setting was mistakenly changed from EndNote (desktop) to Endnote Online. Go to the Endnote tab in the MS Word ribbon and click to select “Preferences”. In the pop-up dialog box click to select “Applications” then change the setting from EndNote Online to: Endnote. Close the dialog box. Now quit and restart MS Word to update the MS Word ribbon.

Refer to the knowledge base article: http://endnote.com/kb/82605