MLA - dates


I am a new user to Endnote and having some issues with dates.

MLA style seems to dictate that dates are displayed as such: 20 Mar. 2014.

However, when creating a bibliography with Endnote, dates are being displayed as  20/03/2014.

I’m in Australia, so dates are written as day/month/year.

Is there something I am doing wrong here? Perhaps Endnote is doing the right thing and I don’t need to worry.



Since there’s a clear difference between the Australian and MLA standards for formatting dates this is an issue to be concerned about.  Although  you’re “…in  Australia, so dates are written as day/month/year” the style guides such as MLA define the format for how dates should appear and, in turn, how to enter the info into EndNote’s “Year” field.  The day/month/year dates may need to be manually adjusted from Australian to MLA as this is not an automatic conversion EndNote can perform.


Could you provide more info as to the following:


1. Are you  manually typing-in the Australian  day/month/year info into the Year field of the EndNote record?


2. When you search online databases and export or import the references into EndNote do the dates appear in the Australian  day/month/year?


3. Is maintaining the Australian  day/month/year format critical because it’s needed for some other current or future non-academic work/project? 


4. What version of EndNote are you using?