Chronological sort problem

Hi all

I am trying to create a chronological output style where references would be sorted by year-date-conference name/journal name-author. Everything else works fine, but since the months in the date fields are not numerical but written out (e.g. Apr, June, Dec, Nov…) the months in a given year is sorted alphabetically, not chronologically.

Is there a way to make EndNote read the month names chronologically, i.e. change the field format from text to date? Can you think of another solution?

Thank you for your advise and suggestions!!


I have only ever been able to accomplish this by listing the month in a custom  field as a number (and by using 01, 02, 03— 10, 11, 12)  Then tell endnote to use that in the sort criteria, but include the field where it is letters in the template itself.  

Thanks Leanne, I was afraid this would be the solution :wink:

I leave the thread open for a while, in case someone still has other suggestions?