Modifying Chicago 16A


I want to modify Chicago 16A using the output style editor so that all the bibliographic details of citations appears in the footnotes ONLY and there is no additional bibliography. The way it is set up at the moment Endnote produces BOTH a bibliography and replicates this information in footnotes. I want to get rid of the former. Can someone please tell me what I need to alter in the output style editor for this style?


Yes, you can make that change. Click the Edit menu > Output Styles > Open Style Manager. Browse to your Chicago style and double-click the name to open it. Click on Templates under Footnotes. Here you can uncheck the option to “Include citations in bibliography.” When you are done editing, Save the Style from the File menu. If you save with a different name, be sure to select the new copy of the style in the document:

Perfect. Thank you!!!