Changing output style is removing my citations from the texts

could you pls offer some guidance? I needed to change to output style from APA to Chicago, which I did as I noticed the references list was properly changed. But back in the texts, all citaitons vanished! why?

for example: text text text (Author, year) , once i changed output stype i had instead text text text (space) with nothing.

what should I do ? I must have missed a step?

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There are several different Chicago output styles and it sounds like you selected the one that generates footnotes and the bibliography - that’s why your in-text citations have disappeared. If you want to use the Chicago output style that generates in-text citations and bibliography use the “Chicago 16th Author-Date” output style.

Many thanks for the reply! And i dont have chicago 16 in the options?

Am new to this!

Thanks in advance

I meant " and if i dont have the chicago 16"… cause i didnt find the option listed.

If you don’t have the Chicago 16th you can locate and download the output style by either:

1.Going to the Endnote  toolbar and selecting Help > Web Styles Finder; or

2.Going to the Endnote Downloads* page:

*Refer to the right side of the Endnote Downloads page for instructions on how to install the output style file.

Thank you! This was a great help. I will check it out.

I think the problem might be more than the style.  Isn’t Chicago a footnote style?  You will need to insert footnotes using the word processor and insert the citations in the footnotes.  – there isn’t a citation template.  It is a footnote template.