Quick Question - Move references between groups without copying?

I am doing a systematic review and sorting thousands of references from an UNFILED group into YES, NO and MAYBE groups.

Just yesterday I was able to drag and drop a reference between groups - it would disappear from UNFILED and be moved to the YES/NO/MAYBE group it was dragged to.

Today when sorting, it is now copying each reference instead of moving it - meaning they are no longer disappearing from my UNFILED group folder. According to EndNote help and the internet, this is normal?

How can I go back to moving a reference with drag and drop, rather than copying it? It makes my work much easier and faster. Cutting and pasting is laborious and requires many clicks.

Thank you.

I just tested mine, and inWindows version of Endnote X7.2.1, they move if I drag and drop  from the unfiled group to another group.  They aren’t copied.  They disappear from the unfiled group.  

I’m experiencing the same problem as the original poster.  I have v7.2.1 on Windows 7.  References are copied, not moved when I drag and drop between groups.

Are they copied (new record number) or now just associated with two groups, but are only once in the whole library?  I don’t think you can move them from one group to the other, you are associating the record with the new group as well.  If you don’t want it in the old group, you need to delete if from there.  – (apart from the unfiled, which is essentially a “smart group” that only contains those not in any group, so once you drag it to the group, it disappears, as in my, not very helpful “test”, LOL)