multiple bibliographic references on one line

I would like to make a very compact EndNote bibliography style, like:

  1. Coyne, JA and HA Orr, 2004, Speciation. 2. Ålund, M, S Immler, AM Rice, et al. 2013, Biol. Lett. 9:20130169. 3. Grant, PR and BR Grant, 1992, Science 256:193-197.

I cane get the various fields to display like I want to, but I don’t know how to force EndNote to allow multiple references per line. My custom style is based on the generic Numbered style, but I don’t see any options to change the default behavior, where each bibliography entry begins on a new line. I have tried editing the Bibliography > Layout settings to no avail.


Refer to this enbeta’s response in this thread.

Indeed, I want to accomplish the same thing as that poster. It’s a common requirement that references be included in a page limit, and so the ability to compress the bibliography would be very helpful.

Suggest you reply to the other thread so enbeta sees the message and also post a request on the product suggestion section of the forum.

Will do, thanks for your help!