Bibliography Template & Layout Question - Continuous Bibliography

I am writing a document that has page constraints and want to create a bibliography section which contains all references one after another like in a long paragraph. I will used bold reference numbers to separate each reference and short citations (first author and journal citation, no title). I can do all but making that each references follows the previous with no end of page. Do you know how to set this either in the Template or Layout?

Thanks, Alex

It appears that there is no way to removed the paragraph return at the end of each line.  – My suggestion would be to edit the layout to insert something like an & or other character not used anywhere else in the document and before submission on a copy, unlink the Fields and search for &^p and replace with one or two spaces.  I adapted a style with that option, and no article title and attach it below.  It can be futher modified as needed.  

boldNo-SG Ap_(Yr)_Jo Ital_Vol_Page- no para.ens (9.21 KB)

Hi Leanne, thanks, works perfect as a fix. Hope EndNote will consider improving this in future versions. Big THANKS.