Multiple citations

When adding a [numbered] reference in a manuscript, it is copied into the endnotes (bibliography), but a second complete set of references is also generated at the end of the manuscript.  I’ve just started to use EndNote, so I acknowledge that I may be doing something stupid :slight_smile:


Since no one else has responded yet either, I think we are confused.  What style are you using and where are you getting two versions of the references?  Are you getting footnotes and a bibliography?

Not sure how best to describe the problem (obviously); let me try again.  When I add a reference in the manuscript, it is added correctly to the bibliograpy at the end of the “chapter.”  However, a second, identical bibliography is also generated at the same time and so, I end up with two copies of the bibliography at the end of the chapter.  Thanks in advance for trying to help.

Are you using Word 2007? I heard about this once from a user using Word 2007.

As far as I remember, the cause was that Word 2007 has its own bibliography generator, and that the seccond bibliography was made by Word and not EndNote. Check if this may be the cause in your case.

Best wishes

Jan Ove Rein