Pages '09 and EndNote X4.02 is creating 2 bibliographies


I am working with one document that I saved. I re-opened and started to add more citations. The footnotes show up fine. The problem is, instead of adding to the already existing Bibliography, EndNote is make a new one, so there are now 2 Bibliographies at the bottom of the paper. May be relevant: I have been switching between word to write and pages to use EndNote. 

Does anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?


Yeah, I suspect it is relevent as the two programs (Word and Pages) do things very differently and I doubt that the “fields” are going to be swapable between the two.  The Pages interface with Endnote was implemented by the Apple people, and is much less flexible.  If you’re writing in Word, why ever would you switch to Papers to use Endnote? 

When I got EndNote it wasn’t compatible with Word for Mac 11 yet. Now it looks like it is. It seems scary to uninstall and reinstall and all that. I downloaded the update, but it doesn’t seem to work so they suggest the uninstall reinstall. I am going to bite the bullet and do it. I just hope I don’t lose anything.