Multiple Files Open at the Same Time, and more

Perhaps this has already been listed, but i wanted to add my voice.  I wish that the company had waited to roll out EndNote20 until they had added the many features that are now missing.  And I regret updating at this time.  Just a few of the many product suggestions I have:

1.  Add the option of having shortcut icons like the ones in previous versions.  I used the icons regularly, mostly to add a citation to an MS Word document.  The keyboard equivalent is clumsy and sometimes I have to do Alt+2 several times to get it to work.

2.  Make it possible to have multiple references open at the same time.  The loss of this option in EndNote20 has been almost devastating because I now spend way too much time and energy opening and closing references where I have notes that I need to access.

3.  Add the “Sentence Case” option shortcut that was in the previous version - used when setting up a new reference.  Such a time consumer to have to fix upper/lower case in article titles manually.

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