Multiple labels?

Hi all. I am sorry to ask this rather basic question, but I have now spent much time searching and watching instructions but cannot find an answer.
Does the label field support multiple labels, and if so, what is the separator? Thank you much in advance.

It is a field and it depends on you intend to use it. I do not try to use multiple labels. I don’t believe it has any special qualities or formatting restrictions.


Hi @leanne I appreciate you taking the time to reply, but a field like labels will usually have requirements for what separator you use and I have not found one were it works to have multiple labels. I hope someone else have experience with this or knows that it is not possible.

EN doesn’t do anything special with the label field, so the separator is more or less up to you, depending on what you want it to do (thinking of export filters). In consistency with other fields, I’d use a line break or a semicolon.

You can use the label field instead of the record number, for example, in the “temporary citations” (preferences option) but I tend to use the Accession number which is filled in by pubmed, and then collaborators have a similar field. I don’t find that the label field always works as you would expect for this purpose, as it can match as “contains” rather than “exact” and so you might get the wrong record.

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Oh, I wasn’t aware of this. But it requires the label to be more or less unique, doesn’t it? Multiple values in the label field or multiple entries with the same label would harm the functionality, I suppose.

Hi again and thank you for this elaboration @leanne I was endeed using ‘smart folder’ and the issue was that two folders wasnt recognizing labels even with the critirea ‘contains’… But it seems to have been a bug og temporari as it now works after I restarted EndNote. Thanks again!